November 06, 2011

Collective Identity Criticism of the same, ie systematically reasonable estimate of artistic creativity and works of art, although the right may not affect the author's own assessment of his art and fans, but it performs an essential function of assimilation of art into a common culture in general. Without a critical art is detached from the process of historical development. The author has over ten years ago used the methodology of Jungian psychology in the mainstream of aesthetic criticism. Thus, in the local (Kharkov), press published articles on Sergei Yesenin, Mikhail Lermontov, Victor Tsoe. Especially in the context of this article, I want to mention the aesthetic evaluation of works of Russian rock legend - Viktor Tsoi. An article about him titled "The Legend of Viktor Tsoi", was published in the "Sloboda", 1995, 44-46, as well as in R. P. Eslyuka "The thrill of the soul: poetry, prose, articles": Kharkov, 1995, 305. .) In his article "The Legend of Viktor Tsoi" I saw the root cause of the enormous popularity Choi, in the merging of his personality, which became a symbol of time, society's need for change, the need for breaking down the old system of values (Collective Identity, speaking in terms of Jungian psychology.) Choi manner to resist authority, secrecy, introverted rich inner world, full of metaphoric poetic images, all this reflected the opposite Persona archetype of the so-called Shadow, that is, latent potential (Unconscious). His famous line "CHANGE! Changes require our hearts! "Were significant for all creative Viktor Tsoi.